Mohamed Farhat

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Senior Scientist +41 21 693 50 86

Citizenship :

AU -3 9004 (Aula des Cèdres - sous-sol)
Av. de Cour 33bis
CH-1007 Lausanne

Administrative data

Fields of expertise

- Cavitation & Multiphase flows
- Flow Induced Noise & Vibration
- Fluid-Structure Interaction
- Flow instabilities in hydro turbines and pumps
- Condition monitoring of Hydraulic Machines
- Hemodynamics
- Advanced Instrumentation in Fluid Dynamics


Infoscience publications

Teaching & PhD


Mechanical Engineering

PhD Programs

Doctoral Program in Mechanics


Introduction to turbomachinery

The student obtains an insight to thermal and hydraulic turbomachinery and the different engine types in the field and learns basic rules for the design and analyses.

Aeroelasticity and fluid-structure interaction

Static and dynamic response of coupled fluid-structure systems as a result of extraneously-induced excitation, motion-induced excitation, and fluid-instability-induced excitation.

Cavitation and interface phenomena

Introduction, basic concepts; cavitation bubble collapse; dynamique des cavits; cavitation in vorticalstructures; industrial applications.