Oleg Yazyev

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Tenure Track Assistant Professor

oleg.yazyev@epfl.ch +41 21 693 54 85

PH H2 487 (Bâtiment PH)
Station 3
CH-1015 Lausanne

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Selected publications

G. Autès, A. Isaeva, L. Moreschini, J. C. Johannsen, A. Pisoni, R. Mori, W. Zhang, T. G. Filatova, A. N. Kuznetsov, L. Forró, W. Van den Broek, Y. Kim, K. S. Kim, A. Lanzara, J. D. Denlinger, E. Rotenberg, A. Bostwick, M. Grioni, and O. V. Yazyev
Nature Materials 15, 154 (2016)
A novel quasi-one-dimensional topological insulator in bismuth iodide β-Bi4I4
G. Autès, D. Gresch, M. Troyer, A. A. Soluyanov and O. V. Yazyev
Phys. Rev. Lett. 117, 066402 (2016)
Robust Type-II Weyl Semimetal Phase in Transition Metal Diphosphides XP2 (X=Mo, W)
O. V. Yazyev and Y. P. Chen
Nature Nanotechnology 9, 755 (2014)
Polycrystalline graphene and other two-dimensional materials
O. V. Yazyev and S. G. Louie
Nature Materials 9, 806 (2010)
Electronic transport in polycrystalline graphene
C. Tao, L. Jiao, O. V. Yazyev, Y.-C. Chen, J. Feng, X. Zhang, R. B. Capaz, J. M. Tour, A. Zettl, S. G. Louie, H. Dai, and M. F. Crommie
Nature Physics 7, 616 (2011)
Spatially resolving edge states of chiral graphene nanoribbons
F. Gargiulo and O. V. Yazyev
Nano Lett. 14, 250 (2014)
Topological Aspects of Charge-Carrier Transmission across Grain Boundaries in Graphene
O. V. Yazyev, J. E. Moore, and S. G. Louie
Phys. Rev. Lett. 105, 266806 (2010)
Spin Polarization and Transport of Surface States in the Topological Insulators Bi2Se3 and Bi2Te3 from First Principles
O. V. Yazyev and S. G. Louie
Phys. Rev. B 81, 195420 (2010)
Topological defects in graphene: Dislocations and grain boundaries
O. V. Yazyev
Rep. Prog. Phys. 73, 056501 (2010)
Emergence of magnetism in graphene materials and nanostructures
O. V. Yazyev and L. Helm
Phys. Rev. B 75, 125408 (2007)
Defect-induced magnetism in graphene
O. V. Yazyev
Phys. Rev. Lett. 101, 037203 (2008)
Magnetism in Disordered Graphene and Irradiated Graphite
O. V. Yazyev and M. I. Katsnelson
Phys. Rev. Lett. 100, 047209 (2008)
Magnetic Correlations at Graphene Edges: Basis for Novel Spintronics Devices
O. V. Yazyev
Nano Lett. 8, 1011 (2008)
Hyperfine Interactions in Graphene and Related Carbon Nanostructures