Olivier Burri

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olivier.burri@epfl.ch +41 21 693 96 29

Citizenship : Swiss / Venezuelan

Birth date : 30.04.1984

Safe Space Member
Where members of the EPFL community are free to share experiences, doubts and problems with no discrimination, no criticism and no harassment. If you'd like to talk and be listened to, feel free to get in touch with me via Telegram (@oburri) or email, and I will make myself available.

ZOOM Contact
If you would like to contact me via ZOOM, please email me and connect to: https://epfl.zoom.us/my/olivier.burri

AI 0140 (Bâtiment AI)
Station 15
CH-1015 Lausanne

Web site: Web site: https://biop.epfl.ch/

SV 2515 (Bâtiment SV)
Station 19
CH-1015 Lausanne

Web site: Web site: https://go.epfl.ch/edms

Administrative data

Fields of expertise

Development of image processing and analysis workflows and algorithms to extract quantitative data.

Tools & Software: ImageJ/Fiji, CellProfiler, Matlab, RStudio, IntelliJ, Eclipse, Jupyter Notebooks,

Programming languages: Java, Groovy, JavaScript, TypeScript, PHP, Python, R, C, C ,  Matlab, Bash


Infoscience publications

Teaching & PhD

MOOC: Image Processing & Analysis for Life Scienti

Since 2017, Romain Guiet, Nicolas Chiaruttini, Arne Seitz and myself have created and maintain the course Image Processing and Analysis for Life Scientists, which is available on EdX and Courseware for EPFL members.

It is a basic image analysis for life scientists with a non-engineering background. The main goal is to teach how to address and solve scientific questions by state of the art image analysis strategies. It is self-paced and open to everyone!


Image Processing for Life Science

Registration details will be announced via email. It takes place from September to December & intends to teach image processing with a strong emphasis of applications in life sciences. The idea is to enable the participants to solve image processing questions via workflows independently.