Paolo Ricci

PPB 318 (Bâtiment PPB)
Station 13
CH-1015 Lausanne

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The lists of past Ph.D. theses,  M.Sc. theses , and  semester projects are available. 


Advanced physics I (mechanics)

Introductory Physics I (advanced) covers the mechanics of point particles and solids. The purpose of the course is to develop the ability to describe physics phenomena by using mathematical tools.

Nonlinear dynamics, chaos and complex systems

The course provides students with the tools to approach the study of nonlinear systems and chaotic dynamics. Emphasis is given to concrete examples and numerical applications are carried out during the exercise sessions.

Magnetic confinement

To provide an overview of the fundamentals of magnetic confinement (MC) of plasmas for fusion.The different MC configurations are presented, with a description of their operating regimes.The basic elements of particle & energy transport, of plasma-wall interaction & of burning plasma are introduced.