Patrick Thiran

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Full Professor +41 21 693 56 01

Citizenship: Belgian

BC 201 (Bâtiment BC)
Station 14
CH-1015 Lausanne

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Fields of expertise

Stochastic models, Random networks, Data-driven network science, Wireless networks, Network measurements, Dynamical systems


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Teaching & PhD


Communication Systems

Computer Science

PhD Programs

Doctoral program in computer and communication sciences

Doctoral Program Digital Humanities


Stochastic models in communication

The goal of this class is to acquire a working knowledge of the tools of random processes used by an engineer in communication, data science and computer science.

Dynamical system theory for engineers

Linear and nonlinear dynamical systems are found in all fields of science and engineering. After a short review of linear system theory, the class will explain and develop the main tools for the qualitative analysis of nonlinear systems, both in discrete-time and continuous-time.