Patrik Hoffmann

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Doctoral Program in Materials Science and Engineering

Doctoral Program in Photonics


Materials processing with intelligent systems

Repeatability in laser material processing is challenging due to high-speed dynamics. To address this issue, the course provides an overview of laser theory, laser-material interaction, various types of sensors (acoustic & optic), data acquisition, online monitoring, and control via machine learning

Laser microprocessing

The physical principles of laser light materials interactions are introduced with a large number of industrial application examples. Materials processing lasers are developing further and further, the lecture presents the physical limitations of the processes.

Nanofabrication with focused electron and ion beams

Nanofabrication with focused charged particle beams (SEM, FIB) and their applications such as lithography, gas assisted deposition / etching, and milling are discussed and the limitations of these processes are developed based on the acquired understanding of the interactions.

Laser Materials Processing

Provide understanding of the optical properties of materials, principles of laser operation and properties of generated light. Comprehension of basics of interaction between laser light and materials will allow analysis of the physics and chemsitry of laser processes.