Paul Bowen

MXD 336 (Bâtiment MXD)
Station 12
CH-1015 Lausanne

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Materials Science and Engineering

PhD Programs

Doctoral Program in Materials Science and Engineering


Transfer phenomena in materials science

This course encompasses transport of heat by conduction, convection and radiation as well as solid-state diffusion. Based on phenomenological rules (Fourier and Fick equations) 1-D and simple 2-D solutions problems will be treated. In addition, atomistic models of atom transport will be discussed.

Ceramic and colloidal processing Laboratory work

The course covers the production of ceramics and colloids from the basic scientific concepts and theories needed to understand the forming processes to the mechanisms and methods of sintering (firing) ceramics. Including the scientific principles behind the formation of colloidal dispersions.

CCMX Advanced Course - Inorganic Particle Synthesis by Precipitation: From Nanoparticles to Self-organised Mesocrystals and from Theory to Practice

The basics behind precipitation of particles in theory and in practice will be introduced. Fundamental concepts of supersaturation, nucleation, growth and aggregation will be discussed. Some basic methods used for inorganic powder and particles characterisation will also be briefly introduced.

Powder Characterisation and Dispersion

Introduction to some basic methods used for powder characterisation, particle size measurement and a brief introduction to powder dispersion and suspension characterisation. Discussion of the fundamental theory behind the methods and their limitations. Real world examples.