Philippe Janson

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Professor Emeritus +41 21 69 36866

(Bâtiment INJ)
Station 14
CH-1015 Lausanne

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Fields of expertise

IT security


Other publications

P. Janson, H. Rudin, eds.
Special Issue, Computer Networks 31 8 (Apr.1999)
Computer Network Security
P. Janson, G. Tsudik and M. Yung
Proc. IEEE INFOCOM '97, Tokyo, Japan (Apr. 1997)
Scalability and Flexbility in Authentication Services: the KryptoKnight Approach
P. Janson and M. Waidner
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Electronic Payment Systems
P. Janson and G. Tsudik
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Secure and Minimal Protocols for Authenticated Key Distribution
R. Bird, I. Gopal, A. Herzberg, P. Janson, S. Kutten, R. Molva and M. Yung
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Systematic Design of a Family of Attack-Resistant Authentication Protocols