Pierre Gönczy

SV 1526 (Bâtiment SV)
Station 19
1015 Lausanne

Web site:  Web site:  https://gonczy-lab.epfl.ch

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Fields of expertise

Cell division Polarity Asymmetric division Microtubules Centriole SAS-6 C-elegans

Teaching & PhD


Life Sciences Engineering


Cell and developmental biology for engineers

Students will learn essentials of cell and developmental biology with an engineering mind set, with an emphasis on animal model systems and quantitative approaches.

Life Sciences engineering: genome to function

Students will acquire fundamental knowledge regarding how genomes can be engineered, how their function can be deciphered, and how their dynamic outputs can be analyzed and modeled.

Scientific project design in cell and developmental biology

Students are led to understand selected concepts in cell and developmental biology, primarily through the analysis of scientific literature, and then to apply these concepts to the design and execution of a group project in either the Gönczy or the Oates laboratory.

Practical - Gönczy Lab

Give students a feel for some of the approaches pursued to understand mechanisms underlying cell division processes, primarily in C. elegans embryos but also in other systems, including human cells in culture.