Pierre North


Biography and current work


Physics studies at University of Neuchatel and University of Geneva. PhD thesis at University of Geneva under the supervision of Prof. Bernard Hauck (University of Lausanne), and obtained in May 1984. My research activities have been first centred on the nature and evolution of chemically peculiar stars, and on the use of eclipsing binaries as tools of distance determination or probes of stellar evolution. Later, I have been interested in host galaxies of remote quasars, and I am now turning to the study of stellar populations of nearby galaxies, especially the dwarf spheroidals.


A book discussing the plurality of inhabited worlds, published on the 10th of july 2010 (in French)

Pierre North

Fields of Expertise

  • chemically peculiar stars, binary stars and distance determination, first generations of stars in the universe, Lyman-alpha emitting nebulae around quasars