René Beuchat

INF 138 (Bâtiment INF)
Station 14
CH-1015 Lausanne

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Administrative data

Teaching & PhD


Computer Science

Communication Systems


Projet de systems-on-chip

The students will practice their knowledge in Computer Engineering, specifically in the low level software access to hardware elements. The students will work on System On Chips and specifically with FPGA & ARM systems. They will use cross-debugging tools, Logic Analyzers and Oscilloscopes.

Embedded systems

Last year with R.Beuchat as teacher. The main topics of this course are understanding and designing embedded system on a programmable circuit (FPGA). Students will be able to design a camera or a LCD controller on an FPGA in VHDL and will use their controller through a softcore processor.

Real-time embedded systems

A real time system is subject to important temporal constraints. This course is about understanding where processing time is spent and what a designer can do in order to achieve real-time processing systems. Some solutions are Multiprocessors, accelerators, custom instructions, specialized hardware.