Robert West

INN 310 (Bâtiment INN)
Station 14
1015 Lausanne

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Teaching & PhD


Computer Science

Communication Systems
Digital Humanities


Applied data analysis

This course teaches the basic techniques, methodologies, and practical skills required to draw meaningful insights from a variety of data, with the help of the most acclaimed software tools in the data science world (pandas, scikit-learn, Spark, etc.)

Topics in Computational Social Science (TopiCSS)

This is a seminar course. By reading and discussing an introductory book as well as research papers about computational social science, students will become familiar with core issues and techniques in the field.

EECS Seminar: Advanced Topics in Machine Learning

Students learn about advanced topics in machine learning, artificial intelligence, optimization, and data science. Students also learn to interact with scientific work, analyze and understand strengths and weaknesses of scientific arguments of both theoretical and experimental results.