Roger Sauser

Teaching Staff Member +41 21 693 22 96

Citizenship: Suisse

BS 279 (Bâtiment BS)
Station 4
1015 Lausanne

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Preparatory year (CMS)



Physics (for CMS)

To understand the fundamental phenomena of newtonian mechanics and the laws describing them, in particular the vector quantities (e.g. Newton's law).

ICS (for CMS)

Numerical methods for solving nonlinear equations, computing definite integrals and solving ordinary differential equations: theoretical presentation and implementations in Python.

Physics (for MAN)

This course presents how to broach some natural phenomena by adequate modeling, and also the relevant mathematical tools, like vector calculus. Emphasis is put on everyday life phenomena, which can be described by Newtonian mechanics.

Descriptive geometry (for MAN)

The course addresses the techniques of parallel projections (axonometry and Monge representation) and central projection (perspective) in order to develop the student's ability to describe and study objects and spatial situations by illustrating them with technical drawings.

Physique générale pour pharmacie (pour PHA)

(Coursebook not yet approved by the section)