Ronan Boulic

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Maître d'enseignement et de recherche +41 21 693 52 46

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Unité: CF-IC

INJ 141 (Bâtiment INJ)
Station 14
CH-1015 Lausanne

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Experimental study of Embodiment in VR, 
Immersive Interaction, 
Human Movement Modelling, 
Human Posture Optimization, 
Real-Time 3D Interaction, 
Motion Capture, 
Inverse Kinematics, 
Locomotion and steering control, 
Expression of complex emotions



Autres publications

A. Maciel, R. Boulic, D. Thalmann
to appear in IEEE Transactions in Visualization and Computer Graphics, 2007
Efficient Collision Detection within Deforming Spherical Sliding Contact
B. Le Callennec, R. Boulic
Graphical Models, 68(2), 175-193, March 2006 doi:10.1016/j.gmod.2005.03.001
Interactive Motion Deformation with Prioritized Constraints
P. Glardon, R. Boulic, D. Thalmann
The Visual Computer, 22(3), 194-209, 2006
Robust On-line Adaptive Footplant Detection and Enforcement for Locomotion
P. Glardon, R. Boulic, D. Thalmann
The Visual Computer, 22(5),1-16, 2006 DOI: 10.1007/s00371-006-0017-3
Dynamic Obstacle Clearing for Real-time Character Animation
R. Boulic, J.Varona, L. Unzueta, M. Peinado, A. Suescun, F. Perales
Virtual Reality 10(1), 48-61, 2006
Evaluation of on-line analytic and numeric inverse kinematics approaches driven by partial vision input
P. Baerlocher, R. Boulic
The Visual Computer, Springer Verlag, 20(6), 2004, pp 402-417 DOI: 10.1007/s00371-004-0244-4
An Inverse Kinematic Architecture Enforcing an Arbitrary Number of Strict Priority Levels
R. Boulic, B. Ulicny, D. Thalmann
Journal of Game Development, 1(1), pp 29-52, Michael van Lent Editor, Charles River Media, 2004
Versatile Walk Engine
L. Herda, P. Fua, R. Plaenkers, R. Boulic, and D. Thalmann
Human Movement Science Journal, 20(2001), pp 313-341, 2001
Using Skeleton-Based Tracking to Increase the Reliability of Optical Motion Capture
A. Aubel, R. Boulic, D. Thalmann
IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology, Special Issue on Video Technology, Volume 10(2), pp 207-217, March 2000
Real-time Display of Virtual Humans: Levels of Detail and Impostors
Molet T., Boulic R., Rezzonico S., Thalmann, D
IEEE Transaction in Robotics and Automation Volume 15 (3), pp 475-485, DOI 10.1109/70.768180, ISSN 1042-296X, June 1999
An architecture for immersive evaluation of complex human tasks
Boulic R., Mas R., Thalmann, D
IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, Volume 3(3), pp 245 - 261, 1997
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J.-S. Monzani, P. Baerlocher, R. Boulic, D. Thalmann
Computer Graphics Forum, Volume 19(3), pp , EG00 August 2000
Using an Intermediate Skeleton and Inverse Kinematics for Motion Retargeting
L.Emering L., R. Boulic, T. Molet, D. Thalmann
Computer Graphics Forum, Volume 19(4), pp 231-242, December 2000
Versatile Tuning of Humanoid Agent Activity
N.Farenc, S.Raupp Musse, E.Schweiss, M.Kallmann, O.Aune, R.Boulic, D.Thalmann
journal of Applied Artificial Intelligence,Volume 14 (1),pp69-92, January 2000
A Paradigm for Controlling Virtual Humans in Urban Environment Simulations
Emering L., Boulic R., Thalmann D
Journal of Applied Artificial Intelligence, Special Issue on Animated Interface Agents, Volume 13 (4-5), pp 539-565, June-August 1999
Conferring human action recognition skills to life-like agents
C. Bordeux, R. Boulic, D.Thalmann
Computer Graphics Forum, Volume 18(3), pp , EG99 August 1999
An Efficient and Flexible Perception Pipeline for Autonomous Agents
N. Farenc, R. Boulic, D. Thalmann
Computer Graphics Forum, Volume 18(3), pp , EG99 August 1999
An Informed Environment Dedicated to the Simulation of Virtual Humans in Urban Context
Molet T., Boulic R., Thalmann, D
Presence, MIT Press, pp 187-203, Volume 8 (2), April 1999
Human Motion Capture Driven by Orientation Measurements
Boulic R.,Mas R., Thalmann, D
Journal of Computers and Graphics, Volume 20 (5), Elsevier, 1996,pp 693-701, doi:10.1016/S0097-8493(96)00043-X
A Robust Approach for the Center of Mass Position Control with Inverse Kinetics
Boulic R. , Thalmann D
Computer Graphics Forum , Volume 2(4), October 1992,
Combined Direct and Inverse Kinematic Control for Articulated Figure Motion Editing
Boulic R, Thalmann D,Magnenat-Thalmann N
The Visual Computer, Volume 6 (6), December 1990
A global human walking model with real time kinematic personification


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