Sahand Jamal Rahi

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BSP 415 (Cubotron UNIL)
Rte de la Sorge
CH-1015 Lausanne

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Fields of expertise

- Biophysics - Statistical mechanics - Systems biology - Computational biology - Genetics

Teaching & PhD




EDCB seminar series

The EDCB seminar series provides EDCB students the opportunity to share their research and learn from their peers. Students can freely exchange, present data, ideas and get useful feedback on ongoing research and improve communication skills.

General physics : thermodynamics (English)

Students acquire the abilities to analyze physical systems through the lens of thermodynamics, statistical physics, and special relativity.

Biophysics : physics of biological systems

Understand and use the results and methods of population genetics, population dynamics, network theory, and reaction network dynamics to analyze and predict the behavior of living systems

Lectures in Neurophysics

This doctoral class will focus on large-scale neural data analysis and large networks, in particular mean-field methods and manifolds.

Nonequilibrum Physics for Complex Systems

We will discuss recent topics in nonequilibrium physics of complex living and artificial systems, ranging from collective behaviors in active matter to noise and information processing in cellular biophysics to stochastic learning dynamics in deep artificial neural networks.