Solaiman Shokur

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Our latest joint project LSRO1-EPFL, Duke Universtiy, Nicolelis Lab, Durham, NC USA in media: J. O'Doherthy, M. Lebedev, P. Ifft, K. Zhuang and S. Shokur, H. Bleuler, M. Nicolelis. Active tactile exploration using a brain-machine-brain interface, in Nature, vol. 479, num. 7372, p. 228-231, 2011. ABC News Anguished Repose The Atlantic Monthly CBS News CNN Daily Mail Daily Tech Dawn Discovery News Duke Today El Mercurio El Mundo EurekAlert The Escapist Fox News Gizmag Guardian Herald Sun (Australia) IEEE Spectrum International Business Times IO9 LA Times Live Science Le Monde MIT Technology Review National Journal Nature News New Scientist NPR PCWorld Slate Sydney Morning Herald Telegraph Time US News & World Report Wall Street Journal Wired

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