Stephan Morgenthaler

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Professor of Applied Statistics +41 21 69 34232

MA B1 473 (Bâtiment MA)
Station 8
CH-1015 Lausanne


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This course is an introduction to probability theory for student in the Mathematics section. Starting from the axioms of the theory, the course presents the concepts of combinatorial analysis, the notions of discrete and continuous random variables and ve... goto

Probabilities and statistics

The course introduces the elementary notions of probability theory and the methods of data analysis and statistics such as tests, regression and experimental design. goto

Multivariate statistics

Multivariate statistics refers to data in vector form. The leading stochastic model is the multivariate Gaussian. Uncovering the associations between the components of the vectors is the main objective. The course will introduce and discuss the major type... goto


Biostatistics is about the application of statistics to medicine and the life sciences. The course covers various methods and problems that are typical for these areas of application. Despite the applied context, the course treats the topic at a fairly ab... goto

Data Analysis for Science and Engineering

An overview course intended for scientists and engineers who need to use statistical methods as part of their research, who have already attended a course at the second-year EPFL undergraduate level, and need revision and deepening of their knowledge at a... goto