Suliana Manley

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Associate professor (April, 2016) +41 21 69 30632

BSP 427 (Cubotron UNIL)
Rte de la Sorge
CH-1015 Lausanne

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Teaching & PhD


  • Physics,

PhD Programs

  • Doctoral Program in Physics
  • Doctoral Program in Molecular Life Sciences
  • Doctoral Program in Biotechnology and Bioengineering
  • Doctoral Program in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
  • Doctoral Program in Photonics
  • Doctoral Program in Computational and Quantitative Biology

PhD Students


Biophysics I

In this course we will study the cell (minimum unit of life) and its components. We will study several key cellular features: Membranes, genomes, channels and receptors. We will apply the laws of physics to develop models to make quantitative and predicti... goto

MINEUR, 2018-2019, Spring semester, language : english
Section of Life Sciences Engineering, 2018-2019, Master semester 2, language : english
Section of Life Sciences Engineering, 2018-2019, Master semester 4, language : english
Section of Physics, 2018-2019, Bachelor semester 6, language : english

General physics : thermodynamics

The goal of General Physics is to give the student the basic notions to have a better understanding of physical phenomena. This objective is attained when the student can quantitatively analyse the consequences of these effects with the appropriate theore... goto

Section of Mechanical Engineering, 2018-2019, Bachelor semester 2, language : french

Practical - Manley Lab

The students will acquire knowledge on the fundamental aspects of super-resolutions microscopy. Practical skills include preparation of samples of cells (either bacteria or eukarytic cell culture) for imaging, image acquisition, and data analysis. goto

Doctoral Program in Molecular Life Sciences, 2018-2019, language : english