Véronique Michaud

MXH 145 (Bâtiment MXH)
Station 12
CH-1015 Lausanne

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Teaching & PhD


Materials Science and Engineering

PhD Programs

Doctoral Program in Materials Science and Engineering

Doctoral program in advanced manufacturing


Innovation & entrepreneurship in engineering

This course is a joint initiative between the School of Engineering and the College of Management to encourage and promote entrepreneurship and management skills, engineering design, hands-on experience, teamwork, and awareness of social and ethical implications in engineering and management.

Materials:from chemistry to properties

This course enables to acquire the essential notions relative to the structure of matter, equilibrium and chemical reactions in relation to mechanical, thermal, electric, magnetic and optical properties of materials.

Polymer composites Laboratory Work

Mechanical and physical properties of anisotropic materials and calculation tools are presented. Constituents, processing techniques and structure-processing-properties relationships are given for different types of organic matrix composites. Applications in transport,sport and energy are discussed.

Composites technology

The latest developments in processing and the novel generations of organic composites are discussed. Nanocomposites, adaptive composites and biocomposites are presented. Product development, cost analysis and study of new markets are practiced in team work.

CCMX Summer School - Characterisation of Materials

This course will present an overview of the different materials characterisation techniques available to materials scientists, engineers in mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, microtechnology or physics.