Volkan Cevher

ELE 233 (Bâtiment ELE)
Station 11
CH-1015 Lausanne

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Machine Learning 
Signal Processing 
Information Theory 


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Electrical and Electronics Engineering


Mathematics of data: from theory to computation

This course provides an overview of key advances in continuous optimization and statistical analysis for machine learning. We review recent learning formulations and models as well as their guarantees, describe scalable solution techniques and algorithms, and illustrate the trade-offs involved.

Online learning in games

This course provides an overview of recent developments in online learning, game theory, and variational inequalities and their point of intersection with a focus on algorithmic development. The primary approach is to lay out the different problem classes and their associated optimal rates.

EECS Seminar: Advanced Topics in Machine Learning

Students learn about advanced topics in machine learning, artificial intelligence, optimization, and data science. Students also learn to interact with scientific work, analyze and understand strengths and weaknesses of scientific arguments of both theoretical and experimental results.