Xile Hu

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Full Professor

xile.hu@epfl.ch +41 21 693 97 81 http://lsci.epfl.ch

Citizenship: P.R. China

BCH 3305 (Batochime UNIL)
Av. F.-A. Forel 2
1015 Lausanne

Web site:  Web site:  https://lsci.epfl.ch

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Chemistry and Chemical Engineering


Preparative chemistry II

Advanced chemistry laboratory Admission to the TP is conditional on the successful completion of 2 of the 3 courses: CH-222 Coordination chemistry, CH-223 Organometallic chemistry, CH-233 Fonctions et réactions organiques

Catalysis for energy storage

This course covers the fundamental and applied aspects of electrocatalysis related to renewable energy conversion and storage. The focus is on catalysis for hydrogen evolution, oxygen evolution, and CO2 reduction reactions. Both homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysts are discussed.

Catalyst design for synthesis

This course on homogeneous catalysis provide a detailed understanding of how these catalysts work at a mechanistic level and give examples of catalyst design for important reactions (hydrogenation, olefin metathesis, cross-coupling).

Frontiers in Chemical Synthesis. Towards Sustainable Chemistry

This training will empowered the student with all the tools of modern chemistry, which will be highly useful for his potential career as a process or medicinal chemist in industry.

Frontiers in Organic Synthesis. Part III Stereochemistry

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