Yannick Rochat

CM 1 468 (Centre Midi)
Station 10
CH-1015 Lausanne

Administrative data

Fields of expertise

Digital Humanities, graph theory, social network analysis, character networks, centrality, datavisualisation, social media studies, maritime networks, game studies.

Teaching & PhD


Humanities and Social Sciences Program


Video games and society

This course enables students to perceive the social, economic, cultural and political issues at play in the gaming culture. Students will develop an analytical perspective on video games and their mechanisms, in order to go beyond the daily consumerist relationship with these contents.

Video games and gamification

This course is part of the new offer of UNIL/EPFL interdisciplinary courses. It proposes to acquire skills in game studies and game design, while inviting students to put their skills at the service of a group project of scientific content gamification.