Yves Leterrier

MXG 141 (Bâtiment MXG)
Station 12
1015 Lausanne

Administrative data

Fields of expertise

  • Sustainable materials and processes
  • Polymer composites, multilayer and hybrid materials 
  • Photopolymerization and sol-gel processes 
  • Mechanics of thin films on polymers 
  • Roll-to-roll process methods 


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Teaching & PhD


Materials Science and Engineering


Soft Microsystems Processing and Devices

Amongst others, following topics will be covered during the course: - Soft Microsystems and Electronics - Electroactive polymers - Printed electronics and microsystems - Inkjet printing of polymers - Stretchable electronics - Mechanical reliability - Stencil lithography - Scanning Probe Lithography

Rheology and fluid mechanics

This course is an introduction to the rheology of linear viscoelastic solids, and to fluid flow and methods used in rheology of fluids. Various types of fluids and phenomena are considered with various exemples, Newtonian or non-newtonian liquids, turbulence, reactive systems and suspensions.

Life cycle engineering of polymers

Students understand what life cycle engineering is and apply this methodology to adapt and improve the durability of polymer-based products. They understand how to recycle these materials and are able to perform an environmental assessment, based on several practical case studies.

Recycling of materials

Students understand the issues and key factors of a waste recycling process. They know the sorting and recycling technologies of various materials and are able to compare the environmental impact of recycling with that of using raw material resources.

Science and technology of UV-induced polymerization

The course presents the main classes of photopolymers and key factors which control photopolymerization. It explains how to select the right formulation and optimize processes for a given application. Standard and novel characterization methods, new materials and new applications are also presented.