Lyesse Laloui

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LMS - Soil Mechanics Laboratory
EPFL ENAC IIC LMS GC D1 416 (Bâtiment GC) Station 18 CH-1015 Lausanne Bureau GCD1416 Tél. 32314,32315 

GC D1 416 (Bâtiment GC)
Station 18
CH-1015 Lausanne

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GC D1 416 (Bâtiment GC)
Station 18
CH-1015 Lausanne

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Fields of expertise

Study of natural and man-made systems with emphasis on the mechanics of various interacting phenomena.
Lecturing in Civil Engineering (soil mechanics, underground seepage, geomechanics) and Mechanics (mechanics of porous media, mixture theory, multiphase flow).
Research in Environmental Geomechanics, Geotechnical and Environmental Engineering, Mechanics of Multiphase Porous Materials. 


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Teaching & PhD


Civil Engineering

PhD Programs

Doctoral Program in Mechanics

Doctoral Program in Civil and Environmental Engineering



The course aims at providing future civil engineers with the knowledge of geomechanics for professional practice. It addresses, among others, the main stress-strain constitutive models within the context of elasticity and elasto-plasticity and the estimation methods of the lateral earth pressure.

Innovation for construction and the environment

The goal of the course is to seek to instill in its future graduates the skills necessary to be successful in the civil engineering industry. One skill that appears underserved and is expected to be strengthened through this course is the skill to innovate.

Energy geostructures

Energy geostructures are an innovative technology that couple the structural role of foundations and the heating/cooling role of geothermal heat exchangers. The goal of the course is to provide a comprehensive understanding of the structural, geotechnical and energy behaviour.

Terra Epidermis

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