Corentin Fivet

HBL 2 3C (Halle Bleue)
Pass. du Cardinal 13b
CH-1700 Fribourg

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Administrative data

Fields of expertise

  • Sustainable Construction
  • Circular Economy
  • Reuse
  • Structure-Efficient Design
  • Computational Methods for Structural Form-Finding
  • Innovative Construction Processes
  • Architect/Engineer collaboration

Teaching & PhD



PhD Programs


Building technology I, II

Introduction to building technology: environmental and societal challenges, life-cycle functional and technical requirements of buildings, static behavior of structures, construction materials and their implementation, historico-cultural contexts, sustainability strategies and circular economy.

UE K : Architecture and Sustainability : performance studies

This course is based on the team design of a temporary, mobile and sustainable theater. A pedagogical approach which will focus on the introduction of the concepts of sustainability applied to the design of a project with a short life span.

Interactive conceptual design of structural forms

The class exposes students to the geometric design of material efficient architectural structures. The focus is placed on the conceptual exploration of a rich, diverse solution set. Hand-controlled methods and parametric tools are used, as well as strategies to rapidly take key decisions.

Constructive second hand

Second-hand construction considers circular economy as an opportunity to better design while reusing elements from the deconstruction industry, with minimum adverse environmental impacts. This ENAC week introduces these concepts through hands-on activities.

Regenerative materials territories

This course questions sustainable materials and the available resources mobilized in Switzerland and in the world. It addresses the material in an architectural, anthropological and experimental approach from its extraction to its reuse and the social meanings of its production.