Florence Graezer Bideau

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Epistemology and history of anthropology 
Popular culture and cultural policy 
Resistance and Innovation in urban space 
Critical heritage studies 
UNESCO heritage processes in China, Malaysia and Singapore 
Intangible Cultural Heritage in Switzerland 
Chinese New Towns


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Urbanism in Asia

What are the unique features of Asian cities? How are they produced? How can we describe these urban practices? What are their cultural and social particularities?

Urban Regeneration and Industrial Heritage

The course seeks to tackle the challenges of industrial sites reuse, considering governance and heritage issues for territories. The aim is to combine current debates in the three polytechnics, and different expertises to understand contemporary challenges and practices.

Anthropology of east Asia

The course addresses key notions and themes related to cultures and societies in China and its neighbouring areas (Korea and Japan), and discusses their current issues in a historic and comparative perspective.

Anthropology of the urban

This course addresses the conceptual approaches of urban anthropology, methods and field experiences. It aims to develop in a historical and comparative perspective critical and practical knowledge about the urban condition here and elsewhere.

Montreux Jazz Memories: Heritage & digitalization II

Within the Montreux Jazz Digital Project framework, this course proposes to create and publish podcasts (ENG / FR) based on interviews about the backstage of the festival. It aims to develop critical and practical knowledge of the dynamics of digitalization and recognition of heritage.

Human habitat : a study on the Alpine territory

The domestication of the Alps is addressed through the study of the construction methods of the built environment. A study between architecture, anthropology and territorial sciences in order to understand the contemporary Alpine 'system'.

Regenerative materials territories

This course questions sustainable materials and the available resources mobilized in Switzerland and in the world. It addresses the material in an architectural, anthropological and experimental approach from its extraction to its reuse and the social meanings of its production.