François Maréchal

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CH-1951 Sion


Administrative data

Fields of expertise

Process integration
Process design
Energy conversion and process modeling
Rational Use of Energy
Thermoeconomic optimisation
Renewable Energy

Professional course

Adjunct Professor Process and Energy Systems Engineering Ecole Polytechnique F�d�rale de Lausanne 2012-
Maitre d'enseignement de Recherche Industrial Energy systems Laboratory Ecole Polytechnique f�d�rale de Lausanne 2005-2012
1er assitant Industrial Energy Systems Laboratory Ecole Polytechnique F�d�rale de Lausanne 2001-2005
Qualified Researcher Laboratoire d'analyse et de synth�se des syst�mes chimiques Universit� de Li�ge 1995-2001
1er ing�nieur de recherche Laboratoire d'analyse et de synth�se des syst�mes chimiques Universit� de Li�ge 1992-1996
Ing�nieur de recherche Laboratoire d'analyse et de synth�se des syst�mes chimiques Universit� de Li�ge 1986-1992


Chemical Engineer (ing�nieur Civil Chimiste) Universit� de Li�ge (Belgium) 1986
Ph D. in Applied Sciences Energy analysis and synthesis of industrial sites University of Li�ge (Belgium) 1995


Teaching & PhD


  • Mechanical Engineering,

PhD Programs

  • Doctoral Program in Energy
  • Doctoral Program in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

PhD Students


Biomass conversion

The learning outcomes are to get to know the biomass ressources and its characteristics; study of biomass conversion pathways and study of process flow-sheets; establish the flow diagram of an industrial process with biomass as feedstock and calculate the... goto

NRG2019: Energy Systems: managing the transition to renewables


Life Cycle Assessment in energy systems

This course will introduce students to the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) as a holistic approach to evaluate, among others, energy conversion technologies throughout their entire value chain, and across multiple environmental problems beyond climate change. goto

Global issues: energy B

This course offers an overview of global techno-economic and social challenges related to energy transitions to a low carbon economy, and will discuss the prospects and barriers to the implementation of a future sustainable energy system. goto

Energy conversion and renewable energy

The goal of the lecture is to present the principles of the energy conversion for conventional and renewable energy resources and to explain the most important parameters that define the energy conversion efficiency, resources implications and economics o... goto

Advanced energetics

Methods for the rational use and conversion of energy in industrial processes : how to analyse the energy usage, calculate the heat recovery by pinch analysis, define heat exchanger network, integrate heat pumps and cogeneration units and realise exergy a... goto

Modelling and optimization of energy systems

The goal of the lecture is to present and apply techniques for the modelling and the thermo-economic optimisation of industrial process and energy systems. The lecture covers the problem statement, the solving methods for the simulation and the single and... goto

Modelling, optimisation, design and analysis of integrated energy systems

The student will learn advanced concepts in the field of process integration, process modeling and optimization for the design of integrated energy systems: Life cycle energy analysis. goto



My research activity is described on the following web site