Gaia Barazzetti

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BI A2 407 (Bâtiment BI)
Station 7
CH-1015 Lausanne

SG 1310.3 (Bâtiment SG)
Station 15
CH-1015 Lausanne

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I am a moral philosopher with expertise in the fields of ethics and science and technology policy. I have extensive experience in research ethics compliance and a broad knowledge of the ethical and regulatory frameworks applicable to various areas of research, including research involving human subjects, animal research, research integrity, data management, data protection, pharmaceuticals and medical devices, conflicts of interests, and dual-use research.
My research works addressed issues of public interest in the areas of biomedical research, healthcare innovation, digitalization, sustainability and emerging technologies, with a strong commitment to stakeholder and public engagement, policy impact, and public outreach.
My teaching activities aim to improve student's abilities to assess and address ethical issues in research and to improve compliance with the ethical standards.

Enseignement & Phd


Humanities and Social Sciences Program


Introduction au droit et à l'éthique

Le but du cours est de familiariser l'étudiant-e aux notions de base du droit et de l'éthique applicables à la recherche en STV et à son transfert en applications, et de lui fournir les éléments essentiels pour identifier les enjeux juridiques et éthiques dans sa future pratique professionnelle.