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DIA 002 (Diagonale)
Station 11
CH-1015 Lausanne

+41 21 69 34804
Unité: PH-STI
Local: DIA 002

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Autres publications

J.-J. Simond, M. Tu Xuan, A. Schwery, P. Regli
. (Hydropower & Dams 2003, Cavtat, Croatia) , 2003
Fully automated parameter identification for synchronous machines
P. K. Steimer, J.-J. Simond
(IEEE - IAS meeting 2003, Salt Lake City) A. Sapin,, 2003
Modeling, Simulation and Test of a Three-level Voltage Source Inverter Output LC Filter and Direct Torque Control.
Ch. Nicollet, F. Avellan, Ph. Allenbach, A. Sapin, J.-J. Simond, S. Kvicinsky, M. Crahan
(Waterpower XIII 2003, Buffalo) , 2003
Simulation of transient phenomena in Francis turbine power plants : Hydroelectric interaction.