Lucie Navratilova

MXC 115 (Bâtiment MXC)
Station 12
1015 Lausanne

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Domaines de compétences

Microscopie électronique à balayage MEB (SEM)
Microscope SEM/FIB 
Analyse EDX

Enseignement & Phd


Scanning electron microscopy techniques (b)

This intensive course is intended for researchers who are potential new users of scanning electron microscopes. It will provide them with a basic understanding of the instruments, optics of SEM, the imaging modes, the associated analytical techniques EDS and EBSD, related theories of image formation.

Demonstrations will be given on the microscopes.

2x Year Spri

3D Electron Microscopy and FIB-Nanotomography

Physics of the different signals generated by electron beams and focused ion beams.
  • Underlying physical principles for the acquisition of data sets for 3D reconstruction: interaction volumes, voxel (3 dimensional "pixel") size, mechanical stability issues for successful recon-struction.
  • surface reconstruction (SEM), serial (parallel) sectioning (SEM/FIB and TEM),