Nicola Braghieri

BP 3245 (Bâtiment BP)
Station 16
1015 Lausanne

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Graphic figuration

Training to the practice of architectural drawing through the various conventions of representation and graphic procedures, based on the use of paper and lead pencil.

Theory and techniques of architectural figuration

The course transmits the theoretical foundations and introduces the operational techniques of representation. The main objective is to give students digital tools that allow them to define and transmit a concrete idea of architecture in its intellectual dimension.

Studio BA5 (Braghieri)

Forum Alpinum, living and producing in the Alps. The studio explores the subject of construction in the Alpine territory and proposes to design an architectural project for a productive and artisanal activity and its side program of habitat, throught a valley of the Valais mountains.

Studio MA1 (Braghieri)

The studio's objective is to investigate the topic of construction and recolonization within the Alpine region. The program seeks to establish a Forum Alpinum — a comprehensive framework encompassing craft activities and communal housing.

UE V : Visions and utopias

The teaching unit will take the form of an operational workshop in which the visionary and abstract spirit proposed by utopian literature will find a concrete urban form by composing fragments sought from the vast figurative repertoire offered by the history of architecture.

Introduction to building archaeology

This course imparts the basic notions of study and analysis methods in construction archaeology. The aim is to develop students' understanding of ancient buildings, enabling them to take a more sensitive approach to architectural objects.

IMAGES AND NUMBERS. 8th Les Rencontres de l'EDAR

The eighth edition of Les Rencontres de l'EDAR invites doctoral students to reflect on scientific visualisation, referring to their own experience as young scholars - whether related to their PhD dissertation or to other scentific activities.

Human habitat : a study on the Alpine territory

The domestication of the Alps is addressed through the study of the construction methods of the built environment. A study between architecture, anthropology and territorial sciences in order to understand the contemporary Alpine 'system'.