Sebastien Martinerie

Administrative data

Fields of expertise

As the 3D printing coach at SPOT, I am dedicated to helping students succeed with their prototyping projects.
This activity includes:

- Training students, from design to production, while respecting the best practices and rules of the space. Over 550 students have access to the space.
- Daily advice and support.
- Management of SPOT's 3D printing facility, which includes around thirty FDM and SLA machines, producing over 5,000 cycles a year (
- Developing the workshop by anticipating growth in demand, new needs and technological developments.
- Other (team management, communication, etc.)

Teaching & PhD

- 3D printing training at SPOT (FDM and SLA)
- Participation in the ‘Fast & High Precision 3D Printing’ continuing education course
- Supervision of semester projects related to the recycling of 3D printing waste