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Indoor air quality 
Human exposure assessment 
Building ventilation and control 
Building IoT sensing 
Human thermal comfort 
Human behavior and interactions 
Energy efficient buildings


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Civil Engineering

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Doctoral Program in Civil and Environmental Engineering

Doctoral Program in Mechanics

Doctoral Program in Architecture and Sciences of the City


Fundamentals of indoor climate

Indoor climate is of great significance to our well-being. This course offers a fundamental knowledge of the parameters that influence indoor climate (air quality and thermal environment). It also gives an overview of building controls methods that contribute to more comfortable and safe spaces.

Indoor air quality and ventilation

This course provides a fundamental knowledge of an emerging area - indoor air quality. This course also gives an overview of ventilation strategies and airflow distribution strategies tuned to ensure the highest level of air quality in buildings.

Building energetics

The course presents the fundamentals of energy management in buildings while emphasizing the need for human comfort. The learning is supported by building energy modeling of a case study building which offers an opportunity to understand trade-offs between energy and comfort.